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Ellsworth Block looks forward to helping you host your gathering. Places and events that bring people together create connections that keep us all moving forward.

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The History

Ellsworth Block was built in 1871 by the Ellsworth Brothers from Connecticut. These brothers built the original three-story building along with Mr. Bacon of the Northwestern Business College. The first floor housed the Ellsworth Grocery Store, and the two top floors were home to Mr. Bacon’s school. Ellsworth Block today occupies the second and third floors.

The original architecture included an Atrium where the full-ceiling skylight and large classroom windows overlooking the Capitol Square would provide a healthy learning environment with natural light for students. Today this hidden treasure remains and provides ample natural light inside and access to the outdoors in all seasons. The Skydeck has been added as a way to better experience the skylight for hosts and guests.

About Us

Ellsworth Block developed out of a greater vision for developing the historical building on the Capitol Square. The small team began planning and designing a space that would bring access to people gathering in a historical setting in the heart of Madison. Today, the team works with you in our downtown event space for you and your guests.

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